Annual WordPress & Server Maintenance Subscription

$180.00 / year and a $90.00 sign-up fee

RECOMMENDED. The Annual WordPress & Server Maintenance Subscription (WSMS) is a scheduled maintenance review and website update program performed every 90 days. You may cancel your subscription at any time. Quarterly Subscription is available.

Why do I need a WordPress & Server Maintenance Program?

Over time, WordPress, the theme used, and any add-on plugins installed become outdated and need updating. The primary reason is website security; however, improved functionality is also a reason. The hacker community constantly searches for vulnerabilities that allow access to your website and our server. This access could lead to hackers taking over your site and holding some content for ransom.

When we make changes or updates to your content, we often update the software if the updates are insignificant. Many updates, however, are significant, require complete backups, and risk breaking a website. For this reason, we are promoting a regularly scheduled maintenance program.

What is the Website & Server Maintenance Subscription?

The Website & Server Maintenance Subscription (WSMS) is a scheduled maintenance review and website update program. Every 90 days, we will log in to your site and ensure that everything is up to date. We back up your site before updating your WordPress version, theme, and plugins. The Backup will ensure that your site can be recovered if any updates create issues. We also check your server's status to ensure no technical alerts or email issues.

We are on-call as necessary during the agreement term – call us with any technology-related issues. Additionally, we install WordFence, an additional level of protection, which sends out alerts when updates are required on your website. We monitor these notifications to determine if an update is critical or not. You can be copied on the email notices if you choose.


  • Routine Backup of your website utilizing the Updraft plugin – backups include all database and WordPress files stored offline.
  • Check the current WordPress version and update to the latest version
  • Verify that your Theme is current and up to date
  • Check any WordPress add-on plugins and make updates as required
  • Audit your server through cPanel for memory/bandwidth usage, email issues, etc.
  • Add the WordFence plugin to your website to monitor your site, additional security firewall, and update notifications.

WSMS is a Recurring Payment Subscription:

  • The $90.00 Sign-up fee is one-time and includes installation of WordPress support plugins and offsite server backup setup.
  • Every 12 Months, you will be automatically billed $180 for maintenance until canceled.
  • Quarterly Maintenance Available – $60 (billed quarterly) plus a one-time $90 setup.

NOTE: On-Demand One-time Site Maintenance is available for $90.00.