Branding, Identity & Logo Design

Our designs are custom-built to match the project or goal you have in mind.


Identity is the essence of a business or product. It encompasses logo design, identity design, and branding, each playing a distinct role. Let’s break it down:

  • Brand – It’s the emotional corporate image that defines the entire entity.
  • Identity – It’s the visual components that contribute to the overall brand.
  • Logo – A simple representation that instantly identifies a business or product.

While some believe a brand comprises only a few elements like colors, fonts, a logo, and a slogan, the reality is far more complex. A brand is the embodiment of a ‘corporate image.’ It’s about ensuring that everything a company does, owns, and produces reflects its values and objectives.

At Mania, we collaborate closely with marketing and brand managers to provide expert guidance and seamless execution of graphic design and digital marketing strategies for branding, identity, and logo design. As a trusted partner, we have often assumed this pivotal role, particularly for small to mid-size clients.

Sample Logo Designs

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