Branding, Identity & Logo Design

A logo is not your brand, nor is it your identity. Logo design, identity design and branding all have different roles, that together, form a perceived image for a business or product. The following offers a broad stroke definition for each:

  • Brand – The perceived emotional corporate image as a whole.
  • Identity – The visual aspects that form part of the overall brand.
  • Logo – A logo identifies a business in its simplest form via the use of a mark or icon.

Many people believe a brand only consists of a few elements – some colors, some fonts, a logo, a slogan and maybe some music added in too. In reality, it is much more complicated than that. You might say that a brand is a ‘corporate image’.

The fundamental idea and core concept behind having a ‘corporate image’ is that everything a company does, everything it owns and everything it produces should reflect the values and aims of the business as a whole.

principlesofeffectivelogodesignMania works closely with marketing and brand managers to consult and execute the graphic design and digital marketing aspects of branding, identity and logo design. Often times, in lieu of this type of position within a company, Mania has served this role, especially for small to mid-size clients.