ManiaStats™ Analytics


Track your visitors and gauge website positioning…all in one place.

ManiaStats can also perform high-end Web Analytics that include 100’s of reports to help guide and refine your keyword selection on an ongoing basis. This program allows you to log in and view stats real-time. Click here for more information on full scale Web Site Traffic Analysis

Features and Benefits

  • 100’s of statistics
  • Full suite of reports
  • E-mail alerts
  • ‘Keywords by Engine’ reports

The perfect companion to Mania’s WebView Positioning Program – Your solution for Search Engine placement and keyword development.

Dozens of Reports, Hundreds of Statistics
ManiaStats provides a comprehensive set of reports on your site traffic.  Click here for a detailed list.

Real-Time Reporting 

  • Get 100’s of statistics in real-time. There are no logs to read.
  • With other products, you must run a time-consuming program to analyze your log files before getting results.
  • Our high-capacity network infrastructure even allows for high-traffic sites to receive immediate results.

Easy to Use
There is nothing to install. You simple paste a small piece of HTML code on each page you wish to track statistics on. After pasting the HTML code, you can immediately see your statistics start tracking. Or have Mania manage your account as part of our WebView Position program

E-Mail Traffic Alerts

  • You can setup alerts to notify you when certain traffic levels are hit.
  • Alerts can be by hour, day, or week.
  • Get notified when your traffic spikes!

Advanced Charting Capabilities

  • If your browser support plugins or ActiveX controls, you can use our advanced charting tool.
  • All charts then have extensive customization capabilities.
  • Chart data can be copied-and-pasted into Excel and other programs.
  • Charts have extended print and print preview functions.

Fast Support
We offer unlimited e-mail support.
Summary Data Downloadable as Excel Spreadsheet

  • At any time, you can download an Excel spreadsheet with summary data.
  • Data included is hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly traffic history.
  • Within minutes, your spreadsheet will arrive in your e-mail.

Money-Back Guarantee
If you are unsatisfied with our service for any reason during the first month of operation, simple e-mail support and we will fully refund your fee, no questions asked.